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On this website - Offers or bids - means to present a price for someone to accept or reject as so desired



Advantage of auctions are that sellers don't need to communicate with any time wasting buyers until the highest price is presented on the auction

If the current auction doesn't fetch the sellers reserve price, the seller may run the auction again until such time that the seller decides to sell the item

Sellers may extend the auction unlimited times thereby renewing the auction.Buyers make their silent bids and seller accept or decline when ready

Auctions are used by sellers for items of unsure/unknown present market value and who would like to see what the market will offer 

Items are auctioned with hidden confidential reserve price setting without any asking/selling price tag indication for the buyers

Reserve price is a confidential price between the seller and the auctioneer and set at the start of the auction by the seller

Auction items are open for bids on the website for the period indicated by auction timer

Sellers do not normally sell under the reserve price value, but its their prerogative to sell or not.

Sometimes sellers get higher prices than their reserve price

Bids are an offer of a price at the auctions

Auctions are public sales in which items are normally sold to the highest bidder 



Classified ad

Advantage of classifieds ad is the item price tag, informing buyers what the asking price is

Disadvantage of classified ads are that the sellers never gets more than the asking price

Classified ads are used by sellers for items of perceived known value, an asking price which might turn out to be the selling price

Sometimes sellers are open to offers on the item.

Offers are made outside of the gunauction website platform therefor sellers contact number is made compulsary

Offers is an amount of money that someone is willing to pay for item at the time of negotiating the selling price



Online store

Advantage of the Online shop is buyers can buy outside of business hours 

Firearm sales done by licenced gun dealers

Only non licensed items for sale through Gunauctions Online shop

Shipping and banking cost added - Item prices subject to change depending on availability

Customers must complete the order form to enable Gun Auction to confirm item availability

Following Gunauction forwards the invoice for payment with banking details

Orders are only processed when the payment reflects on our acount

Delivery 2 to 4 days

All firearm transactions on the website are between licensed parties.

Parties deal directly with each other and Gun Auction is not involved.

We source NEW GUNS at the right price.

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